Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Excuse the Absence!

Sorry for the absence guys, with moving and travelling been away a lot. Back to visiting all of your blogs now and hopefully posting up some interesting stuff :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mental Toughness

Thought I'd share this, it's an article I read a number of years ago that I constantly turn to when I feel like giving up on something:

Manliness in danger of extinction 

By Zach Parks 

I pump iron, because iron-pumping is manly. 

I returned to Oxford after a long winter break to find that my gym had been taken over by idiots. Every January these collar-popping pansies pollute my gym in hopes of gaining last-minute beach muscle in time for spring break. Then, by March they're gone. This futile attempt to reverse a semester of binge drinking is turning my palace of testosterone into a combination of TRL and the Mickey Mouse Club, this annual phenomenon also illustrates the general lack of manliness in today's society. Kids these days lack the sufficient couth, persistence and sportsmanship to maintain a grueling, manly year-round workout. These girly-men need to get the hell out of my gym. 

I miss days of our grandfathers, back when men were real men. 

Back then the game of dodgeball was played with rocks and the game of dodgerock was played with knives. I miss the days when everyone was a badass. 

Somehow between then and now fate decided to take a steaming hot dump all over Darwin's grave as a generation of salty war veterans gave way to a generation of scarf-wearing vaginas. 

It hurts me to think that for years society stands idly painting its fingernails while icons like Clint Eastwood are replaced by wieners like Ryan Seacrest. If these generations of manly men were still alive they would spit tobacco juice in Ryan Seacrest's face and then make him wash and wax their Trans Am. 

Back in the good old days things were much simpler. Back then you could walk into a caf and not be totally confused. This is because back then it didn't matter if you were trying to order, cappuccino, mocha latte or espresso they were all called the same thing, scotch. 

Back then four out of five doctors recommended smoking. This isn't because of doctor's ignorance to the dangers of smoking. This is because lungs used to be much more manly. Lungs used to be a manly shade of black instead of a girly shade of pink. But these days our lungs have devolved into an advanced state of weenie-ism making us incapable of enjoying rich tobacco goodness. 

When manly men aren't eating pieces of shit like you for breakfast they're eating sausage wrapped in bacon, wrapped in more bacon and topped with a fried egg, and they wash it down with a glass of bacon grease, topped off with a doctor recommended cigarette. 

Look at any grumpy old man and the first thing you'll notice is that he smells like a medium-sized pile of garbage that is sitting on top of a large-sized pile of garbage. This is because of years and years of stink that has built up from a combination of bare-knuckle boxing and bare-knuckle lumberjacking. 

Wimps, weenies and vegetarians are ruining our great nation. America is on a downward spiral, we've got a fever and the only prescription is scotch, red meat and lumberjacks. 

Friday, September 3, 2010

Music of the Moment?

So what kind of music are you into at the moment?

I'm currently finding myself listening to a lot of Vampire Weekend (Pictured) and Mumford and Sons. Favorite Vampire Weekend song has to still be a-punk, despite their new album being very good.

Random Musing..

Just been watching some old UFC fights I have taped with Silva and buzzing about his rematch with Chael Sonnen! Anybody else into MMA? What are your thoughts on how this rematch will go down?

Monday, August 30, 2010


Hello again! Today was an easy day for once! There was very little to be done in preparation for moving away. I finally received a form which I needed to fill in to finish Garda clearance. I was informed by family on how long it takes Garda clearance to be done these days, and started to worry a bit, but on ringing the university all I have to do is sign a form saying that they withhold permission to kick me out of the course if it turns out I'm an axe murderer or something of the like!
I have had a lot of spare time on my hands, and used it to look up some of the clubs and societies offered at my uni. Turns out they have a hurling team! That will be a definite club for me.

What clubs do you think are great for students?


Hello again!

So the last two weeks have been stressful ones to say the least.
It started with results day. I must say I was more exited than nervous on the way in to pick them up. I didn't fancy waiting much longer and was glad to finally be getting an idea of where I'm going!
My results were very satisfying. I came out with 485 points, which was above what I expected to achieve. Much  celebrating was done!

The next big day was actually not such a big deal to me. CAO's first round offers might have been stressful for most of my friends and fellow students, but for me I had already decided that I was travelling away, as my CAO first choice was a different course altogether. It was still satisfying to receive my first choice all the same though! I was a bit surprised at the rise and fall of some of the points this year, specifically physics and astrophysics in Cork, which fell by about 35 points as far as I'm aware.

Ever since then I'm constantly bogged down trying to sort out accommodation, bank accounts, Garda  clearance forms, flights, ferries, medical check forms you name it! On top of all this I have yet to rent a tux for my debs and my passport need renewing! Accommodation seems to be sorted now however, thats one thing off the list of worries!

Also started finding people I shall be living with and who are on my course on facebook! Getting excited now!

How about you? Are you going to college this year, going back to college, doing your leaving cert or finished college? Leave a comment below :)

Hello :-)

Hello there everyone :)
I hope you are all well and I am glad that you have found my blog. I am an Irish student, who is currently undergoing last minute preparations to travel to the UK to study Physiotherapy! I am writing this blog to share my experiences, in hope of showing future students who are considering the UK as an option for college how I found the whole experience. This is an anonymous blog, I will not be revealing my name or where I am studying, but I still hope I can be of help to some people, or at least provide an interesting story which you can keep track of!
Well that's my welcoming introduction done, stay tuned for my first update!