Monday, August 30, 2010


Hello again!

So the last two weeks have been stressful ones to say the least.
It started with results day. I must say I was more exited than nervous on the way in to pick them up. I didn't fancy waiting much longer and was glad to finally be getting an idea of where I'm going!
My results were very satisfying. I came out with 485 points, which was above what I expected to achieve. Much  celebrating was done!

The next big day was actually not such a big deal to me. CAO's first round offers might have been stressful for most of my friends and fellow students, but for me I had already decided that I was travelling away, as my CAO first choice was a different course altogether. It was still satisfying to receive my first choice all the same though! I was a bit surprised at the rise and fall of some of the points this year, specifically physics and astrophysics in Cork, which fell by about 35 points as far as I'm aware.

Ever since then I'm constantly bogged down trying to sort out accommodation, bank accounts, Garda  clearance forms, flights, ferries, medical check forms you name it! On top of all this I have yet to rent a tux for my debs and my passport need renewing! Accommodation seems to be sorted now however, thats one thing off the list of worries!

Also started finding people I shall be living with and who are on my course on facebook! Getting excited now!

How about you? Are you going to college this year, going back to college, doing your leaving cert or finished college? Leave a comment below :)

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